Johnny Marr: Guitar Mercenary

After catching The Cribs on Letterman and watching the guitar master of Manchester do his thing with his newest band, I realized that Johnny Marr is now officially a mercenary guitarist-for-hire and well, that's awesome.

We have all too often seen great ax men eventually part ways with their main band only to roll out a solo project with a title that is somehow a play on their name, full of rehashed riffs, 'special guests' and knob-polishing, ego-gluttonous soloing.

Not Johnny Marr.

While he did have his stint with The Healers, he easily shrugged off that iteration of his ability and moved on to being a hired gun (of sorts) for Modest Mouse and helping write the phenomenal 'We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank' while putting enough of his own swoon-worthy riffs to let you know he's there but, not envelop the sound. Isaac Brock, frontman for Modest Mouse, has openly stated that Johnny Marr has an open door policy with the band to come and go as he wishes.

The latter provided him with the ability to join The Cribs, a favorite band of his from the UK. An already talented group, Marr fit in seamlessly and has since put his Jaguar to work.

We may never see a Smiths reunion. Morrissey will probably continue to put out the same solo album again and again. But, before long, we may just see another Johnny Marr infused band and I couldn't' be happier.

VIDEO: The Cribs on Letterman