tracks from Dan Auerbach solo album..

A pleasant surprise this afternoon after I got home from work.

Tracks are from the forthcoming 'Keep It Hid'. I am also happy to say I have tickets for his El Rey show-



(my) Top Albums of 2008

Let me just say, it was a tough list. Initially, I didn't think it would be but, #1 and #2 could have gone either way. I didn't get a chance to see No Age this year - every single instance, my own fault. Nonetheless, while seemingly less-polished, they deliver an indie/underground debut that could only be described as a call to arms for noise-pop to come back from the shadows and 'polish yourself up', just a bit.

I did get a chance to see Deerhunter (who were at the top of my list for shows next to ...Trail of Dead, again..) and the trip during each song made it quite an experience. It made me start spinning the Florescent Grey EP again and maybe that pushed it to the top but...

Best Albums of 2008

Deerhunter - Microcastle

Your guide to drenching sparkling '60's pop in a shoe-gazer's embrace. This may be a clue to what the 13th Floor Elevators may have done with a BOSS-202 sample pad. C'mon Roky!

No Age - Nouns

Everything you wanted to hear as a previous listener of 'Weirdo Rippers' and a memorable welcome to new listeners alike. Times New Viking could be at the top of a lot of lists with an album that also learns to harness the treble.

The Black Keys - Attack and Release

The Black Keys and Dangermouse? Did you listen to it? No more questions. My favorite band from Akron. Yeah, I know the other ones too. Dangermouse did his thing, Auerback and Carney did theirs and it was a match made in a single-project heaven. I really enjoyed the album - live, sans Dangermouse, it was a BK garage-jam attack that blew my mind. That said, while it was a great album, I'm not jonesing to hear another project with Dangermouse. Not only does it protect the albums credibility but it allows the Keys to move beyond.

TV on the Radio - Dear Science

The world of music will always need albums where guitars are traded for synths and hand-claps. I'm glad I live in a world with TVOTR. That tells you nothing about the album but, just buy it. No regrets will be had.

Brendan Canning - Something For All of Us

This didn't show up in any lists, I'm sure. I'll admit I'm a BSS whore - moving from one project to another but, be it a time and place, well-spaced listen, this album was a pleasure to listen to all the way through. 'Churches Under the Stairs' became an instant favorite late in my spins.

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farewell to Dirty on Purpose.

One of my favorite bands of the past few years is deciding to call it a day. All the members are working on other projects. I'm inclined to follow the main guitarist and drummer to their band Neckbeard Telecaster (no offense to the other members, it's just that name is rad.) :)

I first saw/heard them on Subterranean when the show debuted 'No Radio':

Couple other favs:

'Light Pollution'

'Your Summer Dress'

(recording kind of sucks - check the album version on their only full-length LP 'Hallelujah Sirens')