Make mix tapes, not war.

Here's your hypothesis English buffs:

Human survival depends on the continued evolution, existence and perpetuation of the homemade mix tape.

Well, that's probably a bit extreme however, it's quite a useful social tool. I'd say that often, my mix tapes are compilations of bands/songs most of my friends haven't heard but, isn't the true iteration a mix of old and new? Pink Floyd and At the Drive-In, Deerhunter and Hazel...

I love nothing more than at the very least, giving someone a soundtrack for their day.

But, it's a constant evolution.

My generation has really gone through 3 adaptations-

1. Cassette/radio

- Like the Konami Code of the same generation, the play+record button combo. really had few contenders.

It was about the timing (or maybe it wasn't, creating the same type of analog-vinyl vibe?). Some songs were missing the first ten seconds or the DJ was talking over it because you couldn't run to your radio fast enough to hit play+record.

2. Napster CD's.

- It was like the bank vault was left wide open and everyone had really fast shoes...or Doc Martens (56k) and was running out with as much as they could carry.

That was just me?

Come on, everyone had at least 25 of their own "mixes" they'd made.


3. iTunes/pirated music.

- I see this as the last evolution in shared music for a very long time. A smaller and more condensed version just doesn't seem possible right now without the time vested in a new, technological infrastructure (which IS possible but so intensive) or doing it without a significant loss in sound quality (even more so).

But, that's okay. I'm cool with the way things are :)

Lemonheads live @ Malmö Festival '07

"My Drug Buddy"