'they don't sound like the album!"

I heard some dude once say that when he saw K.I.S.S. live for the first time, he was extremely disappointed because they 'didn't sound like the album'. Later in his adolescence, he realized that a truly great band doesn't 'sound like the album'.

Yeah, in the applicable rock band, perhaps the solos are right on and hit that one perfect note that makes everything right in the universe for at least a moment, like in Weezer's 'Buddy Holly' - you know which one.

Fine.. (it's at 3:26 on the vid)

Or, the solos are complete different and your mind just gets blown through the dude behind you.

Nonetheless, you get the point.

If you think this is a 'K.I.S.S. post' you've completely missed the point. I'm not even a K.I.S.S. fan.

It all culminates below - this is some rough (understatement) footage recorded at the 100 Club in London of an early Queens of the Stone Age show supporting 'Era Vularis'.

The muffled sound, pixelated colors and overall vibe just seem to wholly convey what it is to be rocked out by the Queens.

Plus, this song rules.

'Turning on the Screw' > Obama + Hilary (Hilama or Clintama, whatever you prefer..)